The Basic Yet Critical Importance Of Marketing

6. Makes Marketing So Important PlanI’ve learned so much value from my new exceptional and classy friend Sharif, a business consultation owner receiving training from an online marketing training conference. His passion is in consulting & training business owners.  ( To demonstrate a particular marketing model, he showed me his demo site ).

Anyways, after showing me different models and other sophisticated elements of a professional ninja marketer, we when out for a bite to eat.  I was soo interested in marketing as a topic, I (more…)

Spreading The Word Like Wildfire – What’s Grass Roots Marketing

5. HalSwanson.Com Grass Roots Marketing - Spreading the Word Like Wildfire CONtent

Wow!!!  It’s amazing what you can learn from people when open and ready to learn.  In this post, I’m gonna share with you what I learned about Grass Roots Marketing from Sharif when I visited the local neighborhood coffee shop this morning.

We vibed well when we met in passing and while waiting for coffee and I asked some passing by questions.  I discovered that he is a business consultant who loves problem-solving for his business owner clients.   The reason he came to my area for a 2 and a half weeks is for (more…)

Millionaire Lifestyle Habit Takeaways From Timothy Sykes Prt 2

3.a Hal Swanson Content-Millionaire Interview Of Timothy Sykes 2Today I will be picking up from the previous post of the Millionaire Lifestyle Habit Takeaways From Timothy Sykes Part 1.

Let’s carry on my friends.

Point 4: Millionaires Convert “failure” Into Success

Did you know that it’s common for millionaires to declare bankruptcy about 3 to 4 times before making it as a Millionaire? Why am I sharing this? Because the majority of people think it’s all about (more…)